Rihanna Apparently Gained Weight & People Really Care

Here’s some news that’s apparently super important. Rihanna has gained some weight, but she’s not pregnant and a lot of the internet thinks the extra pounds look really good on her.

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While it’s definitely cool that the internet didn’t react to RiRi’s weight gain in the negative way we all probably expected it to (with at least one notable exception), I still have an important question for you, internet. Who the hell cares about the size and shape of Rihanna’s body? Does it concern you? Does she give one single shit about your opinion? The answer to both of those is no.

Whatever the reasons for her alleged weight gain, it shouldn’t make a lick of difference how we treat her. The focus on her size is still a fetishization of her body, whether the attention she’s getting is positive or negative. It’s also inherently sexist; men don’t face the same kind of scrutiny for such small changes in size as Rihanna has undergone.

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Rihanna’s music is amazing. Her positive impact is even better. Instead of caring even one little bit about her body, let’s focus on those things, m’kay?


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