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The Internet’s Best Attempts at Defining Donald Trump’s #Covfefe

If there’s one thing that can bring this country together for a even a few hours, it’s laughing at Donald Trump’s latest mistake, because — come on — no matter what side of the aisle you’re on, #covfefe is internet gold.

ICYMI: Just after midnight on May 31, our beloved President tweeted out the following:

Donald Trump covefefe tweet
Image: Donald Trump/Twitter

It should also be made known that, while the original tweet has since been deleted, Trump followed up a mere three hours later with this:

We think it’s pretty obvious that Trump was trying to tweet “coverage,” but alas, those small hands of his sent a nonexistent word into the Twitterverse, and the rest was history. A yuuuuuge international Donald Trump roast began and my workday was officially ruined because I couldn’t stop LOLing and following all of the hilarious gems.

Here are the internet’s best attempts at decoding and using #covfefe. Also, is it time to create an official Trump dictionary?

It’s what Chewbacca’s really been saying all these years

It’s Spicey’s worst nightmare

Oh, apparently, it’s a chemical reaction!

Don’t walk & #covfefe

It’s Trump’s very personal & misunderstood way of living his best life

Or his way of breaking his own rules

But all joking aside, how do you pronounce #covfefe?

It’s the perfect match for my “Make Donald Drumpf Again” hat

Forget lemonade & boys — #covfefe brings all the Wizards to the yard

I told you it was an international roast

It’s what the fox says!

It really just means incompetence

It’s a secret message about… nukes?

It’s us — we are #covfefe

It’s Trump’s resignation. If only that were true…

What’s your definition of #covfefe? Let us know in the comments below.

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