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The Best Reactions to DeMario’s Downfall on The Bachelorette

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin-eater, DeMario got called out on tonight’s Bachelorette.

It’s only the first week, and we’re already addressing those wrong reasons. Yes, DeMario, ghosting your girlfriend of six months just three days before you show up on national television counts as one of those wrong reasons.

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Season 13 just ain’t messin’ around.

Luckily, we had some awesome GIFs to get us through the DeMario drama. Thanks for keepin’ it real, Bachelor Nation.

You take the good with the bad with the Internet. In this case, they done good.

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Also, can we please just do a play-by-play of that cocktail ceremony tonight.

Here’s how I imagine it went down:

Prior to the evening, Chris Harrison sent out three producers to make sure DeMario didn’t go home just yet.

Harrison, assisted by his producers, then made sure to time DeMario’s re-entrance into the show perfectly.

They even hired an actor as the security guy.

Rachel wasn’t ready to play. She strutted out to meet DeMario in that fierce black dress with her gold accessories, like, “no way.”

The producers then ushered all of the men out to watch the spectacle that is the DeMario confrontation, “Gentlemen, right this way to the drama, please. Right this way. Thank you, watch your step.”

Aaaaaand, fade to black. Because what would The Bachelorette be without a cliffhanger each and every single week?

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I don’t see the conversation between Rachel and DeMario going the way of dramatics. DeMario is already done. Really, really done.

Until next time my friends. In the meantime, keep those DeMario GIFs a comin’. They are priceless.

Do you think DeMario can salvage his reputation?

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