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Ivanka Trump’s Tone-Deaf Memorial Day Tweet Is Getting Trolled Hard

On a holiday devoted to the sacrifices made by fallen soldiers throughout American history, many people express their gratitude. Some mourn the loss of beloved service members and veterans or send a wish into the world that their loved ones serving in the military might stay safe. But if you’re Ivanka Trump, Memorial Day is apparently a time for tweeting about Champagne ice pops.

In a move the internet is none-too-eager to dismiss, the Twitter account for Ivanka Trump HQ encouraged everyone to make these boozy frozen treats and “turn the music up” to mark Memorial Day.
In fact, the account posted a series of celebratory tweets positioning Memorial Day as “the kickoff to summer” — a three-day weekend perfect for upping your grilling game or having a picnic… with ice pops made of Trump-brand Champagne, no less.

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The people of the internet responded swiftly, taking to Twitter and the brand’s landing page to air their grievances over Trump’s tone-deaf message.

Of course, it would be unfair to claim that everyone in America is spending Memorial Day weekend in solemn remembrance and not having any fun. However, showing respect and enjoying the liberties afforded to our great nation by the sacrifices of those we remember on Memorial Day are not mutually exclusive.

Also, as many people on Twitter pointed out, not everyone in America is the president’s daughter. Memorial Day is an American holiday that deserves gravitas, especially from those leading our country.

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The fact that the offending tweet came from Trump’s brand account is an important distinction to make too, since Trump did tweet a more respectful message out from her own account.

However, people aren’t letting Trump off the hook that easily. She is the face and name behind the Ivanka Trump brand, and thus the people she appoints to run her professional accounts are representatives of the voice she has cultivated and chosen to emanate.

At the very least say those who weren’t fans of Trump’s ill-advised Memorial Day marketing, that makes her complicit.

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