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Jaden Smith Rails Against the Four Seasons After ‘Life-Threatening’ Cheese Incident

You guys, Jaden Smith is so lucky to still be alive right now — and by that, we mean he was never in any danger at all. But he did get super-melodramatic about his recent stay at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto, where he claims on Twitter that the staff tried to poison him with cheese. Yes, really.

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In a series of ranty tweets, Smith called out the hotel for allegedly kicking him out.

“The Four Seasons In Toronto Just Made Me Want to Throw Up On MySelf,” he wrote, in his typical style of capitalizing every single word. “I Hope The Four Seasons In Toronto Puts Me On The No Stay List.”

He then tweeted, “The Four Seasons In Toronto Spiked My Pancakes With Cheese, I’m Surprised I’m Still Alive. After They Kicked Me Out Of My Room.”

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While Smith, who’s vegan, no doubt would rather not eat anything with cheese in it, implying that the cheese could have been his demise seems like a real stretch. Also, the hotel “spiked” his pancakes? What does that even mean? The Four Seasons is famous for its lemon ricotta hotcakes. Is he talking about those? If so, we would think that would be on Smith. Ordering pancakes with cheese in the name is hardly the fault of the hotel that serves them.

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Anyway, according to E! News, the whole snafu was set off when Smith asked to stay in his room past his checkout date, but every room was booked so that wasn’t possible. Accusing a hotel of cheese poisoning for that seems a little extreme, but who are we to argue with the infinite wisdom of Jaden Smith?

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