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American Idol Might Be Sparking a Feud Between Ryan Seacrest & Katy Perry

Instead of getting the actual American Idol reboot, can we get, like, a reality series showing all the drama that’s happening behind the scenes as the reboot becomes a reality? Because fam, that shit is more lit than any show on TV right now.

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In the latest ~situation~, Ryan Seacrest is reportedly reconsidering the idea of reprising his role of overly cheerful host for the reboot, and the reason is Katy Perry and the fat paycheck she’s getting for being on the judges’ panel.

Perry revealed her $25 million salary last week during an interview on 103.5 KTU, saying, “I’m really proud that, as a woman, I got paid. And you know why? I got paid, like, more than like pretty much any guy that’s been on that show.”

(And, before we continue, can we get a nice, big “AMEN” for women getting paid?)

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But poor Seacrest. Despite his experience hosting the original Idol for 15 seasons, ABC reportedly offered him just north of $10 million to do the new version of the show — less than half of what Perry’s making.

“[He] was suddenly asking himself why he would come back for a 16th season at a salary [much smaller than that] of the newcomer judge,” Richard Rushfield, author of American Idol: The Untold Story, wrote in his email newsletter this week.

Rushfield added that Seacrest “has grown notably cooler on the prospect” of hosting the new show, especially since he just landed a gig on Live, and hosting Idol would mean weekly flights between New York and LA so he could be at tapings for both.

A source familiar with Seacrest’s contract negotiations said all hope is not lost, though.

“Ryan isn’t pleased with the protracted negotiations,” the insider told Page Six. “But he is hopeful that a deal can be reached given his affection for the show.”

And to add to the drama, a network insider told the site that Perry lied about her salary, and that she “is not getting $25 million.”

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Living for this drama right now.

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