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You Thought Justin Trudeau Was Hot? Check Out His Babely Political Rival

The Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has received almost as much attention for his good looks and physical prowess as he has for his politics. His lustrous hair, ready grin and impressive yoga skills have raised eyebrows (and heart rates) across the country, but will his Disney charm be enough to take on his newest rival?

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Wondering why people still face bullying based on their identity like … #dayofpink #proudlypink . But in all seriousness while I really do wonder why people continue to bully their fellow students, colleagues, coworkers and humans, I know that bullying is sadly a reality of life for so many . Bullying makes people feel less worthy, less deserving of respect and literally like they don't belong . So let's set the record straight . Everyone deserves to feel worthy and special . Everyone belongs, not regardless of but because of their identity. . You are special because of who you are . So together let's take a stand against homophobia, transphobia and all forms of bullying . Together let's work toward a society where everyone feels like they belong

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Meet Canada’s newest political heartthrob, Jagmeet Singh. BuzzFeed called him “the swaggiest politician in Canada,” he was recently the subject of a feature in GQ magazine (yes, that GQ), and he’s also gunning for the leadership spot in Canada’s New Democratic Party.

I’d wager that Singh rates just as hot as Trudeau (if I were in the habit of objectifying male politicians by rating them based on their physical appearance, that is) and my God, there’s just no comparison between him and bloated bag of cat hair Donald Trump.

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But the best part about Singh isn’t his meticulously tailored suit collection or his strong selfie game. The best part about Jagmeet Singh is that he has a significant amount of substance beneath all that style. Singh’s story stands in stark contrast to Trudeau’s life of wealth and privilege. He was born to immigrant parents in a working-class family, attended public schools and speaks honestly about the impact that racism, bullying and poverty have had on his life.

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Suits & cycles

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“Like many others who stand out, I was picked on because I had a funny sounding name, brown skin, and long hair. I faced a lot bullying at school and often felt like I didn’t belong,” he says on his website. “I also realized I wasn’t alone. I saw kids around me — kids no less capable, no less worthy of respect and dignity — who were not in a position to follow their dreams, simply because their families couldn’t afford it. That struck me as incredibly unfair.

“My friends had a lot of potential, but they were not given the tools or the opportunities to reach their potential. Their hopes were dashed and their self-esteem diminished. I’ve felt this too. It’s something that eats away at you. Nobody should be made to feel like they don’t matter.”

Singh took these struggles to heart and grew up to become a criminal defense lawyer, fighting for those unable to fight for themselves for reasons of poverty or circumstance. And now, he’s aiming higher. Not just fighting the system, but trying to change it.

One of Singh’s most recent political projects was to eliminate the controversial practice of “carding” or “street checks,” which allowed police to arbitrarily stop individuals without cause. Singh argued that the practice disproportionately affects young minority males and was adamant about getting the practice banned.

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Pensive in Paris…..

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He’s also a strong supporter of women’s rights, indigenous issues and education. Basically, he’s perfect.

So to sum up, on one hand, we have a babely PM who kind of looks like a Disney prince, grew up in one of Toronto’s wealthiest neighborhoods and whose father was also the prime minister. On the other, we have a hot newcomer who has experienced firsthand what life is like for those with different skin colors, different religious affiliations and “funny” names. Someone who knows what it’s like living in a working-class family and has spent his life fighting for the less fortunate.

I think it’s pretty clear who comes out the winner here, and also, I officially have a new political crush. I may have followed him on Instagram. I may have also blown up my friend’s phones with screenshot after screenshot of “the NDP’s new babe.” Jagmeet is the new Justin, #SorryNotSorry.

The only question that remains is this: What the hell is in the water up here in Canada that has us churning out such hot politicians? And how the hell do we get some funneled down to the States? Did y’all use up all of the swag on Obama? I mean… is that it? Say it isn’t so!

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