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Mariah Carey Might Have Some More Big Relationship News

We were pretty excited for Mariah Carey to be single for basically the first time in her life, but apparently, she wasn’t.

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Carey reportedly broke up with her post-engagement rebound guy-slash-backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka, last month. But did they actually break up? Because they don’t look too broken up right now, TBH.

They were spotted not only together this week, but together at one of LA’s biggest celeb hotspots, Catch. And not only were they together at Catch, but they were holding hands! Meanwhile, Mimi was grinning her face off, so they were clearly happy to be together and were showing some casual PDA after their supposed breakup.

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This happened after Carey posted a Flashback Friday pic to Instagram, showing her and Tanaka sweetly sharing some kind of fancy dessert. That was the first time he had appeared on her social media since March, back when they were still smitten and letting the whole world know it with all of the PDA.

So excuse us for being skeptical about those breakup reports. Though, it’s entirely possible that Carey and Tanaka did actually break up, but almost immediately got back together, because she’s terrible at being single. Either way, they just don’t look all that broken up right now. Just saying.

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This is big news for Tanaka, who we were sure was just a rebound considering Carey started dating him, like, seconds after she and James Packer called off their engagement. Either way, if Mimi’s happy, we’re happy.

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