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Ellen DeGeneres Is Returning to Her Roots for Amazing Netflix Special

She can dance, she can speak whale, she can make dreams come true and she’s finally coming to Netflix with her own stand-up special: Ellen.

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While Ellen DeGeneres has been a viral sensation on her talk show, which has been a celebrity hub since 2003, that also means she’s been on a 15-year hiatus from stand-up comedy. But this year, she’s going back to her roots and ending that hiatus. DeGeneres officially confirmed that she’s slated for her very own Netflix special.

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In a cute little exchange, Netflix tweeted DeGeneres, “Looks like it’s been 15 years since you did a stand-up special… How about one for Netflix?” She promptly responded, “Let me think about it. Ok I’m in.” And the rest is history. DeGeneres announced on her show that she’s in the process of writing now and that she can’t wait to get started on the details.

DeGeneres’ career started in stand-up comedy in the 1980s and grew from there, appearing on the late night circuit as a guest comic on shows like The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson. Her jokes ranged from topical to absurd to almost too true, and her act hasn’t changed all that much. Since her stand-up days, DeGeneres starred in her own sitcom, Ellen, from ‘94 to ‘98, where she broke new ground by being the first openly lesbian actress to play an openly lesbian character on television. And she’s been on TV ever since.

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DeGeneres is a force of badassness that we desperately need more of. While her feel-good talk show makes us laugh and cry when the biggest Katy Perry fan gets to meet Katy Perry, DeGeneres’ individual voice and significance on stage have been missed. An official release date for the special has not been announced yet, but any time within the next four years seems like perfect timing to me.

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