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Chicago P.D. Is Ruined Now That Sophia Bush Quit the Show

What does this mean for Linstead?! According Deadline, Sophia Bush is leaving Chicago P.D. and will not return for Season 5 of the NBC hit series.

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This is, like, the worst news ever. Per Deadline, it was Bush’s decision to depart the series after four seasons. The way Season 4 ended, it was hinted that there was a slight chance Erin might accept a new job with the FBI in New York City and leave Chicago once and for all. Well, we now apparently have that answer.

The finale also ended with a cliffhanger tearing at the heartstrings of Linstead ‘shippers. Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) called Erin, who chose to ignore his phone call, while she was standing on a bridge contemplating her future. We don’t know about you, but this moment had us yelling at our TV screens, “Erin, pick up the phone!”

There is a chance Bush could return in a guest-starring arc in order to wrap up Erin’s storyline, Deadline reports. The outlet is also reporting that there is a possibility the show could cast another actress in a “new prominent female” role. Hmm… what about if they just make Tracy Spiridakos a series regular? She came on for multiple episodes at the end of Season 4 as Hailey Upton and proved that not only can she roll with intelligence, but she is one badass detective.

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Don’t get us wrong, no one, not even Spiridakos, can replace Bush. It’s hard to imagine Chicago P.D. without Erin. She is one of the few women on the show kicking ass, taking names and showing that women can get the job done in the police force.

Granted, P.D. does have the amazing Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and the incomparable Trudy Platt (Amy Morton), but that’s it. There are only two remaining female regulars. As much as I love the men on this show, the drama better cast some more women — and stat. Without Bush, well, there really isn’t much of a show in our opinion.

Furthermore, since Bush is leaving, does this mean Erin and Jay are over for good? We were already furious that P.D. broke up the two in Season 4 so Jay could figure things out after his wife, Abby, strolled back into town. No, he didn’t get back together with Abby, but Jay did walk away from Erin.

Eventually, Jay realized how much of a mess he had made and even wanted to propose to Erin in the Season 4 finale. Oh, Jay, like that was going to fix things. You silly man. Their relationship was left up in the air at the season’s end, so does Bush’s departure mean they’re over good? We really hope that’s not the case, but we also can’t see another solution.

Until we know the exact fate of Linstead, you can find us pulling a Bush, aka crying like it’s our damn job.

Burgess and Lindsay
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Chicago P.D. returns for Season 5 this fall on NBC and will continue to air on Wednesdays at 10/9c.

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