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All Our Favorite Sarah Silverman Bits Ahead of Her New Netflix Special

It feels like we’ve been pummeled with great new Netflix stand-up specials all spring, but the streaming television giant isn’t done with us yet. On May 30, they premiere A Speck of Dust, comedian Sarah Silverman’s newest stand-up offering.

We are so excited about our favorite offensive, controversial, hilarious comedian having new material out that we went back and enjoyed a YouTube marathon of our favorite bits over the years. Here’s what we watched.

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Religion is crazy
This combines the two things Silverman is best at: being hilariously offensive and making a strong political point. Here, she explains that the only reason we don’t realize how crazy religion is is because it has been around so long. Her proof? Look how crazy Scientology looks to us because it’s not very old.

Our favorite line: “Hitler Goes to Heaven is the name of my band.”

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If you have to explain it
Sarah Silverman has often been confronted for her edgy comedy, which often takes on racism, sexism and religion. But one of the biggest controversies she faced took place in 2001, when she used a slur against Asian people during a joke she told on NBC’s Late Night With Conan O’Brien.

Our favorite line: “I was really concerned that Jews were losing control of the media.”

This is basically just Sarah Silverman saying the word pussy over and over again in different ways. But it is funny and we love it. Pussy, pussy, pussy.

Our favorite line: “Pussy.”

Low self-esteem
Silverman misinterprets her own racism for her boyfriend’s low self-esteem in this classic bit from “Jesus is Magic.” Like a lot of her humor about racism, the jokes function as much more than stereotyping and ridicule. Instead, they send messages about ignorance and privilege (and make us laugh).

Our favorite line: “He needs to learn to love himself before I can stop hating his people.”

I wanna fuck this cheese
Sarah Silverman is often accused of being crass. Probably because she does things like pretend to fuck Baby Bell cheese, as she does in this early clip. Yeah, it’s a gross joke about having intercourse with food, but we love it, and she does it so well. We dare you not to laugh, even if you love your Nana.

Our favorite line: “You guys have the coveted side view.”

This is for you, Nana
This bit starts out as a loving dedication of the show to Silverman’s Nana, but soon deteriorates into a a vivid description of how she is violating her grandmother’s dead body in order to solve a murder that likely didn’t happen.

Our favorite line: “She was 96, so obviously I suspect foul play.”

Lesbian niece
When Sarah Silverman’s niece comes out as a lesbian at just 7 years old, her mother has the perfect punishment for her (we won’t spoil it). This great set from 2012 includes a bunch of other nice bits as well, such as the one about the time Silverman went to get an AIDS test so she could feel better about herself. Also, hear about why she doesn’t give money to starving children.

Our favorite line: “This one is for the front.”

Get your people from a shelter
Sometimes all we want is some good observational comedy. In this bit, Silverman takes on people who pressure others to adopt dogs from the shelter instead of buying them from breeders. Her response to parents who shame her for not adopting from the Humane Society? Get your people from a shelter. She then goes on the discuss how much more willing we are to help animals than people. “If Africa was all Labradoodles dying of AIDS,” she quips, “we’d take care of it in one day.”

Our favorite line: “You know there are human puppies in shelters, right?”

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Did we miss a good one? Sound off in the comments about what we missed.

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