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The New GoT Trailer Is Here & Even If You Watched It, You Missed Things

Is it us, or did the last 11 months go really, really slowly? Think about it; 11 months ago, Obama was president, Carrie Fisher was alive and we had no idea what Westworld was. That’s how long we’ve waited for this Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer. And it’s finally here.

On first watch, the trailer confirms that the final season of the show will be all-out war, from literally all sides. We’d do a rundown of all the different sides, their characters and their motives, but if you aren’t caught up on that, maybe just stick with The Bachelor, which has less backstory (he’s a bachelor).

Since we don’t have new GoT episodes for another six weeks (oh my God!), we just watched the trailer on repeat a few billion times. Here are a few things we noticed only upon seventh glance.

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This season, women rule

Game of Thrones has always offered viewers a huge number of strong women characters, but now that every plotline is coming to a head, it’s clear that women aren’t just equals in this world; they are ruling. As the cast of characters continues to die at alarming rates, mostly females have come out on top (and many have their eyes on one throne or another). Season 7 will be all about which woman can best the others — and again, in perfect GoT style, there are too many to name.

Cersei is still rocking her insane power-hungry mother-in-mourning look

Image: HBO/YouTube

Remember how Cersei looked in Season 1? Long, flowing blond hair, ornate and colorful gowns and all surrounded by living, breathing children? Yeah, that person is long gone. She’s been replaced by crazed badass Cersei, who seems to wear nothing but black and diamonds and who has kept her pixie cut of shame. Is she cold and hard enough to keep control of the Iron Throne, or has her time come to be reunited with her seeming hundreds of dead relatives? Also, will the old witch’s prophecy come true? We’ll find out in the next 14 episodes spread over the next two years.

Whoa, the Red Keep has a huge map of Westeros!

red keep map
Image: HBO/YouTube

In case you start to get confused about where each army is and who is killing who, the producers have decided to gift us with a huge, walkable map in the Red Keep that we’ve never seen before. It looks pretty sweet, and Cersei is already walking all over it just like she walks all over anyone who gets in her way.

There also seems to be another battle map pictured in the trailer. At first glance, it looks like the table that Stannis Baratheon had a few seasons ago, and maybe now Dany is using it from her new base at Dragonstone?

Hey! There’s Brienne!

Image: HBO/YouTube

The first five times we watched the trailer, we couldn’t find our favorite loyal sword-swinging heroine, Brienne of Tarth. But then on the sixth watch, there she was. She’s back at Winterfell adding much-needed muscle to Jon Snow’s forces.

The Red Woman is in Exile… with Dany?

red lady
Image: HBO/YouTube

At the end of the last season, creepy but likable priestess Melisandre was banished from the Wall. In the trailer, we see her at Dragonstone of all places, where she and Stannis spent the first few seasons. Since we also glimpse Daenerys at Dragonstone in the trailer, we have to conclude that the Red Woman is teaming with the Dragon lady. Those are a lot of strong, bold, frightening women on one side. We might put our money on them.

Uh-oh, we can see Arya’s breath

Image: HBO/YouTube

Arya has returned to Westeros, and she is officially trained as a totally awesome Faceless Man/assassin. We know she still wants a lot of revenge, but we’re not sure where she’ll start. The clip of her in the trailer, though, is a bit troubling since she seems to be in a cold climate and we can see a puff of her breath. In prior seasons, seeing your breath is a really good sign that there’s a White Walker around. Hope she has Needle close by.

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Is that a lion falling over?

Image: HBO/YouTube

Near the end, we can see a lion piece being knocked over on a map. But what figure is knocking the piece over? And does it depict a plan or an actual outcome? We will have to watch and see.

What we didn’t see

When it comes to these trailers, what we don’t see can be just as interesting as what we do see. What didn’t we catch any glimpses of in the 90 seconds of magic that was the Season 7 trailer?

  • No Night King or White Walkers. OK, we’re kind of glad we didn’t have to see any of that super-scary stuff, but, um, where are they? We’d like to keep track of them, thanks.
  • No Jorah Mormont. He was suffering from the terrible greyscale disease at the end of the last season. Could that be his super-gross arm we see for half a second in the trailer?
  • No Bran. OK, we admit this is our least favorite storyline now that Hodor is gone, but we are still a tiny bit concerned about Brandon and Meera. Especially since Bran now has to deliver some super-important info about Jon Snow’s parents to him.

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What’s your hot take on the Season 7 trailer, and what are you doing to pass the next six weeks?

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