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The Pope Throws Shade at Donald Trump & the World Rejoices

Donald Trump’s first major international trip hasn’t been without its issues, and today’s meeting with Pope Francis was definitely no exception.

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Trump and the pope don’t exactly have the friendliest history — when Pope Francis called Trump’s idea for a Mexican border wall un-Christian, Trump’s response was a very vindictive statement about “if and when” ISIL attacks the Vatican.

We all know that Christian ideal to forgive and forget, but we’re going to give the pope a pass for all the shade he threw at Trump during their meeting — the guy fully deserved it for that ISIL statement. First, the pope was subtle, giving Trump a book about protecting the environment in the face of climate change. Then, he went for a more obvious dig, asking the president if Melania Trump keeps him plump by feeding him treats. And finally, there’s this photo:

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How is this even real life? Obviously, Twitter brought the jokes about that insane photo, because just look at it.

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So, Trump and Pope Francis: not BFFs. Putting them in a room together may result in threats of terrorist violence against the holy city, but also one of the greatest diplomatic photo opportunities of all time. Worth it? We can’t decide.

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