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New Cosby Unraveled Podcast Plans to Explore the Inner Workings of Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is once again monopolizing headlines as time closes in on June 5, the date on which opening statements are set to begin for his alleged sexual assault of Andrea Constand. With public interest over the proceedings piquing, Philadelphia’s public radio station WHYY has announced that they will be publishing a podcast focused on Cosby.

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Called Cosby Unraveled, the project aims to “explore Cosby’s beginnings in the projects of North Philadelphia, the heights of his influence, and the causes of his downfall.”

In short, the podcast endeavors to answer the question, “Who is Bill Cosby?” It will explore the former Cosby Show patriarch’s inner workings, particularly in context to Philadelphia — the city that culturally enveloped him as an icon.

The podcast plans to release three episodes leading up to Cosby’s June 5 trial, with the first dropping on Wednesday, May 24. WHYY will then continue to cultivate content based on what happens during the trial’s progression.

Reportedly hosting the podcast will be Annette John-Hall, an award-winning columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer before joining WHYY.

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Although Cosby clearly curries no favor in the court of public opinion, the podcast will examine how he fares in a court of law and how that relates to his currently tattered status.

Despite allegations from over 60 women, is Cosby still culturally relevant in Philadelphia? Do we, as the audience, have the responsibility to consider the cultural impact he had on America prior to his legal woes? These — and undoubtedly many more — pointed questions will be explored.

The podcast will likely draw criticism, although it is far likelier to concern the controversial subject than the criticism lobbed at another recent viral podcast, Missing Richard Simmons.

The latter drew heat due to the perceived prying being done by host Dan Taberski into the personal life of Simmons, who obviously wanted to be left alone.

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In Cosby’s case, though, it’s safe to say the disgraced comedian’s actions have opened his life up to intense scrutiny. If Cosby Unraveled ventures to suggest that Cosby should still be considered a cultural icon, well, then the podcast will surely open itself up to intense scrutiny too.

See for yourself! The first episode is now online here.

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