Chris Blue Reminds Everyone Why He's a Frontrunner on The Voice

May 22, 2017 at 11:15 p.m. ET
Image: NBC

Chris Blue currently enjoys frontrunner status on The Voice, but that's no guarantee of winning Season 12, as Season 11 frontrunner Billy Gilman might remind us after his stunning upset.

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Anything can and will happen during The Voice's finale, but it's easy to see why Blue has gained so much favor among fans and why so many assume that he's destined to emerge victorious. He's a naturally talented guy, but more important, he and his coach employ ingenious strategy in every move they make in the competition.

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Take tonight's song selection, for example. What could better bring down the house in this moment than a spectacular version of the Prince hit "Diamonds and Pearls" performed alongside the amazing Alicia Keys? The duet was all we'd hoped for and more. Keys is one heck of a performer, but at times, we had to remind ourselves who was the coach and who was the contestant.

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Any Prince song is a great choice for the finale, especially for a pair like Blue and Keys. First off, we all love Prince, and we appreciate him even more in the aftermath of his tragic death. Second, Blue's voice is uniquely suited to Prince's repertoire. And third, did we mention that it's Prince?!


Not just any Prince tune would have done the trick, however. After a year of mourning for music's fallen idol, a few people have (gasp) begun to suffer Prince fatigue and are therefore reluctant to hear any more of such standards as "Raspberry Beret," "1999" or "Let's Go Crazy." So why not pull out a slightly lesser heard yet still fantastic number? That's exactly what Blue and Keys did and to great effect. Blue's version of "Diamonds and Pearls" immediately evoked nostalgia, and yet it felt fresh.

There were some truly remarkable performances during tonight's finale, but Blue's Prince number definitely gave him an edge. We will not be surprised at all if he is crowned the Season 12 winner tomorrow. Good luck to all of the remaining contestants and job well done!

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