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Did Melania Really Swat Donald Trump’s Hand Away?

A lover’s quarrel? Or something deeper?

The internet is losing its mind over a video of Melania and Donald Trump exiting Air Force One in Tel Aviv this week. In the video, they’re walking the red carpet when Donald reaches for Melania’s hand, and she appears to swat it away.

First things first, the video is pretty ambiguous. Yes, it kind of looks like Melania swats Donald’s hand away but we’re not ready to straight-up say she was throwing shade at him, though it’s a distinct possibility. After all, the guy doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to treating women with respect. We can only imagine Melania’s patience has to end somewhere. But it could also be that Melania was more aware of the cultural expectations in the Middle East, where a woman is suppose to walk behind the man and isn’t allowed to hold hands.

Regardless of what actually happened in the video, Twitter has been having a field day with it, including Chrissy Teigen, who (how do we put this nicely?) isn’t exactly known for being kind to people on the social network.

Teigen wasn’t the only one to delight in the uncomfortable moment.

Listen, though. I’m as anti-Trump as the next logically thinking informed American. But these celebs who are rejoicing in their interpretation that this means Melania Trump hates her husband are honestly making me a little sick to my stomach. Think about what it means if that’s true. If she hates him, if their marriage is unhappy, unhealthy or God forbid abusive, think about her position. Leaving him would mean leaving one of the most powerful men in the world. Do you think she sees that as a viable option right now? It’s pretty twisted to think that it’s fun to celebrate the idea that someone might be trapped in that kind of relationship.

Melania, I hope it’s not true. I hope you love him despite his shortcomings, because if not, I cannot even fathom the misery you’re living in right now, and that breaks my heart.

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