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Justin Trudeau Photobombed a Bunch of Prom Kids & It’s Wonderful

While some world leaders are dropping literal bombs, Canada’s Justin Trudeau is dropping photobombs.

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Sure, we all like to focus on things like his intelligence and level-headedness and diplomacy because, of course, he has a position of great power as Canada’s prime minister. But we really should start paying more attention to the things that might not contribute to his ability to be a world leader, but help him win hearts all over the world, like how insanely attractive he is and his awe-inspiring ability to photobomb.

His most recent bomb came over the weekend. A group of high school kids taking prom photos near the Vancouver coast didn’t seem to even realize the prime minister was jogging by in the background of their pic.

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He was nice enough to stop and pose for a real photo with the group, though, because that’s just the kind of stand-up guy he is.
This is not even close to the first time Trudeau has wowed us with his ability to drop an A+ photobomb. Check out exhibit A.

It seems like taking a nice photo at an event where Trudeau is in attendance is hardly even possible.

And then there’s his crowning photobomb achievement: the time he was surfing shirtless and crashed a wedding on the beach.

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Sigh. Why does Canada get to have the good leader?

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