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Kate Middleton Was the Royal Discipliner at Pippa’s Wedding

Pippa Middleton may have been the belle of the ball during this weekend’s nuptials, but her royal sister has certainly not been forgotten. She may no longer be the blushing bride, but the former Kate Middleton still manages to steal the show, even as she keeps children in line.

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Kate was as gorgeous as ever, though not dressed in white this time. She donned a very proper (but much maligned and supposedly matronly) peach gown, and of course, an event-appropriate hat.

In the past, the majority of the Kate chatter would have revolved around her outfit, but this time, she attracted far more attention with her child care duties. She was in charge of several children, who were, as expected, rather unruly at times. But this is Kate we’re talking about, so of course she was cool and composed at all times.

OK, almost all times.

Kate Middleton
Image: WENN

At one point during the wedding, Kate’s youthful charges got a little out of control, prompting a shushing right before they all entered the church. She eventually went far beyond shushing and outright glared at the little troublemakers. The internet loved the glaring photo, of course, because it proves that difficult kids can get the best of everyone — even a seemingly perfect duchess.

Kate Middleton Wedding 1
Image: Max Mumby/Getty Images

A source later told E! News, “When the children were at the archway, Kate stepped in to keep them under control and crouched down to speak to George and Charlotte.”

Kate Middleton Wedding 2
Image: Max Mumby/Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge was by no means the only Middleton sister to look super-cute while interacting with a gaggle of children. The kiddos also surrounded Pippa at times. In one especially touching photo of the occasion, youngsters gathered around both siblings, with Kate beaming at her sister all the while.

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Kate Middleton Wedding 3
Image: WPA Pool/Getty Images

In just a few minutes, Kate Middleton demonstrated the full gamut of emotions that moms experience, including joy, concern and extreme annoyance. Ultimately, however, while her face occasionally made her emotions evident to the world, she remained as gorgeous as ever, all while keeping several children in line. It’s not an easy job, but if anybody can tackle it, it’s the Duchess of Cambridge.

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