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Céline Dion Dominated the BBMAs With Her Emotional Titanic Throwback

How in the world has it already been two decades since Titanic‘s release?!

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Thankfully, no matter how much time passes, Céline Dion is always fabulous, as she proved during tonight’s remarkable Billboard Music Awards performance. Dion took the stage to sing her iconic hit “My Heart Will Go On,” which as you may recall was all the rage in 1997. It generates just as much of a response today as it did then, however, in part because we’re all so nostalgic for the late ’90s.
It doesn’t hurt that Dion is, as always, exceptionally talented. She took command of the BBMAs stage, demonstrating that age has done nothing to diminish her natural talent. Her voice was powerful, yet soft and gentle when it needed to be.

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Dion could easily carry an award show performance with nothing other than her magnificent set of pipes, but she didn’t have to tonight, as she was accompanied by an impressive backdrop. Decked out in a gorgeous white gown, she was surrounded by crystals (which from a distance resembled a jellyfish) as she sang. In the background, memorable clips from Titanic played, including Leonardo DiCaprio shouting, “I’m king of the world!”

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Twitter users absolutely adored Dion’s performance, as we knew they would. The following is just a small sample of the many tweets that Dion inspired.

It was clearly an emotional moment for Dion, who suffered the loss of both her husband and her brother last year. She channeled her grief into her performance, and afterward enjoyed a full minute of applause. If half an hour of applause had been possible, we’re sure she would have received it.

A few similarities link Céline Dion and Titanic. Both are timeless, and both can effortlessly generate so much emotion. The combination of these two ’90s icons was exactly what we needed during tonight’s Billboard Music Awards. We can only hope Dion will take the stage again next year.

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