Using Only 9 Words, Meredith Just Destroyed Fans During the Grey’s Anatomy Finale

If you need a little time to recover from this week’s Grey’s Anatomy finale, well, you earned some down time — this was a roller coaster of a season. Plus, the finale proved to be nerve-wracking and heartbreaking, even if it was uncharacteristically death-free.

Yep, you read that right! No deaths to report this season finale. WHAT?! I KNOW. Is this a first in Grey’s finale history? Can we get a ruling on that?

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Alas, even though no major characters died, we did actually lose someone. Dr. Stephanie Edwards, Grey-Sloan’s resident badass/superhero, gave notice that she is quitting her job at the hospital… and at any hospital, for that matter.

After “deep-frying” a rapist and jumping through fire to save a little girl trapped in the burning building that was Grey-Sloan this week, our girl deserves to go out and smell the roses. So, while we’re heartbroken to see her go, we’re happy that Stephanie finally gets to enjoy a life sans hospital smells.

We’re also happy for Jerrika Hinton, who plays Stephanie, since we’re pretty sure her super-packed schedule (including a new romantic sitcom) is to blame for her exit from Grey’s.

Bottom line: We’re ecstatic they let Stephanie leave of her own accord and not via a horrific death, per the Grey’s finale norm. You know what we’re not ecstatic about? This whole potential Maggie/Jackson love connection thing.

For the last few shows, everyone has been enjoying the friendship these two have been building. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve thought to yourself, “Aw, they have such a sweet brother-sister relationship!” After all, you guys, his mom is married to her dad.

However, there was definitely a moment this week between the two — followed by a confirmation from April — that Jackson and Maggie apparently have feelings for each other. The first word that comes to mind? Um, no. Just no.

Aside from the whole step-siblings thing, there’s Japril to consider. Can this couple ever find their way back to each other? It’s obvious April is still in love with Jackson, and it sure looked like Jackson was feeling some kind of way about her recently, too.

Oh, and Minnick got fired, so there was that.

All of that was pretty dramatic, but let’s talk about the most gutting moment of the entire episode. Nine words, spoken by Meredith: “If this was Derek, I would already be gone.”

Of course, Meredith uttered these words to Nathan just after telling him that Megan was actually alive. She made sure the smoke inhalation he’d just suffered didn’t affect his breathing, and then she told him… his dream came true.

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It’s the dream Meredith wishes could come true for her, the one where Derek walks back through the door because, really, he’d just forgotten his keys. But Meredith’s dream will always be just that — a dream. This week, Nathan’s dream comes to fruition because Megan is alive!

After his initial disbelief, Nathan is overcome with excitement before realizing what this means for him and Meredith. When he tries to apologize, though, Meredith says it: If this was Derek, I would already be gone.

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t hear anything else after that point, because the collective sound of the fandom’s hearts breaking in unison was downright deafening.

So, here’s the big question… when does Meredith get to be happy? Rhimes finally convinced us fans to fall for Nathan and, now that we’re all in, he’s out. What Meredith did on this week’s finale was undoubtedly selfless, but part of the reason she and Derek made it as a couple is because she was selfish enough to tell him to pick her.

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Will she go after Nathan? Do we even want her to? Maybe Nathan wasn’t the new McDreamy, in which case, who is the real McDreamy and when do we get to meet him? So many questions. Here’s hoping we get the answers next season.

What do you think? Should Meredith and Nathan get back together?


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