Supernatural Will Never Be the Same After the Season 12 Finale

Warning: If you have yet to watch the Supernatural Season 12 finale, read no further.

So, Supernatural‘s Season 12 finale was basically just one big bloodbath. We’re not joking. A bunch of characters are dead. Some, we definitely aren’t upset about, but there are two specific deaths that left us, well, speechless.

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First, let’s get the not-so-important stuff (compared to the major deaths) out of the way. The boys did not die in the bunker and Mary is no longer brainwashed. Thank goodness! With help from fellow hunters, including Jody, Sam, Dean and Mary were able to defeat the British Men of Letters.

That’s right: Mr. Ketch, Dr. Hess and Toni Bevell are all dead and gone. Granted, in the long run, Toni did help Dean deprogram Mary and turn her back into her normal self. Plus, there may be a tiny portion of us that feels badly for Toni. The BMOL did abandon her, and she was a mother who will never see her son again, thanks to Ketch killing her. On the other hand, she was pretty awful, brainwashed Mary and tortured Sammy, so, yeah, she wasn’t our favorite.

It was also extremely satisfying to watch Mary shoot Ketch and Jody put a bullet in Hess’ head. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that we’ll never have to deal with the evil that is the BMOL ever again.

Now, onto other matters. Even though Lucifer thought he killed Crowley in last week’s episode, he did not. Yes, the King of Hell was in the rat, as almost every fan expected and hoped. Crowley re-entered his vessel and eventually found his way to Sam, Dean and Mary in the bunker.

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However, they were not happy to see him, especially after learning that he’s the reason Lucifer is not in the cage, as they assumed he had been for some time now. Speaking of Lucifer, the devil himself killed Rowena. That’s right: the one witch who could put Lucifer back in his cage is no more. Leave it to Supernatural to kill off another female character, right?

While Sam, Dean, Mary and Crowley tried to figure out the whereabouts of Castiel, Kelly and Baby Lucifer before Lucifer could, Kelly was preparing to deliver her child and also die. As one would expect when it comes to carrying the devil’s child, some strange supernatural magic happened thanks to Baby Lucifer.

A doorway to an alternate reality opened up to another world. It represents a world without Sam and Dean. Let’s just say this world is dark, scary and full of death. Thank goodness Sam and Dean were born, because their continuous saving has made Earth a much better place.

The one good thing that did come from this alternate world is a familiar face arrived. In a total surprise that had us screaming for joy, Bobby showed up! Yes, that Bobby! Sadly, he was a different Bobby than we or Sam and Dean knew, because he’s living in a world with no Sam and Dean at all. As unfortunate as that is, at least we got to see Bobby! Why did they kill him off again?

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Moving on. While waiting for Lucifer’s arrival, Sam, Dean and Crowley came up with a plan to trap the devil. They would trick him into entering the alternate dimension and shut the door so he couldn’t get out. Now, this is Supernatural we’re talking about, so nothing went quite as planned.

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First of all, Crowley did not tell Sam and Dean that in order to trap Lucifer with the spell they chose to use, someone needed to die. Now, here’s where our hearts sank. Crowley sacrificed himself. Yes, you read that right. Crowley killed himself with the dagger to take down Lucifer and save Sam and Dean. Wow. He definitely came a long way. Also, why? Why, Crowley?! We need our King of Hell back!

After Crowley’s death, Castiel walked through the doorway to the alternate reality in an attempt to kill Lucifer. Sam and Dean escaped, but where’s Castiel? Oh, you know, he came back through the portal to meet Sam and Dean and then the unimaginable happened. Lucifer managed to sneak back through the portal and shoved an angel blade straight through Cas.

Excuse us, we need a moment.

Lucifer, we love you, but we also hate you so much in this moment. How could he kill our beloved Castiel? We are just as devastated as Dean is over losing one of his very best friends.

In the end, Mary left Kelly’s bedside after she gave birth and died. She said she always wanted to punch the devil in the face, and that’s exactly what Mary did — multiple times. Soon after, Lucifer grabbed onto her and took her through to the other dimension, and then the door closed. Yeah, Mary is trapped in this other dimension with Lucifer! Basically, most of Sam and Dean’s worst nightmares just came true in this episode.

Side note: Seeing as Mary and Lucifer are in this other world, does this mean Jim Beaver will come back as Bobby now? If so, that would be fantastic. Let’s make that happen, Supernatural.

The episode ended with Dean staring at Castiel’s supposedly lifeless body and Sam finding a now-dead Kelly and a full-grown Baby Lucifer creepily sitting in the corner staring at Sammy with yellow eyes. Uh, yeah, we’re in for a rude awakening when Season 13 premieres.

Crowley and Castiel can’t really be dead, can they? We refuse to believe it until we’re told otherwise. This all just too much handle. Until we know for sure, you can find us pulling a Sam and Dean. We’re going to need a lot of hugs after that finale. It was certainly a rough one.

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