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Time‘s New Cover Is Really Calling Out the Trump/Russia Investigation

Whoa there, Time magazine; shots fired!

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The latest cover of Time really goes there with all the new information connecting the Trump administration to Russia, as well as the federal investigation looking into those ties, and people are kind of losing their minds over it.

The cover shows the White House slowly merging with St. Basil’s Cathedral, a building in Moscow’s Red Square. It has no text other than the magazine’s name, letting the image do all the talking. It’s a very not-subtle statement, and Twitter sat up and took note when the cover dropped today.

Time really dug into the idea, even producing an animated version of the cover image for its website.

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Granted, the image wasn’t quite original. Mad magazine had the same idea back in December and called Time out for it on Twitter.

And there was other criticism, saying the comparison between the White House and St. Basil’s was a stretch as a political statement.

But for the most part, reactions were a healthy mix of shock and “did they really just go there?” sentiments.

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Also make sure you check out Time‘s accompanying story, a fascinating look at some of the ways Russia has been manipulating social media in the U.S.

What did you think of Time‘s cover? Let us know down in the comments.

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