Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne's Prove Literally Nothing Can Break Them Up

May 18, 2017 at 1:42 p.m. ET
Image: Charlie Steffens/WENN

Things looked a little dicey for Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne for a hot minute there. This time last year, they were separated. News was hitting us fast about Ozzy's affair with his hairdresser and his treatment for sex addiction. Now, though, they seem to be right back on track. On Mother's Day, the Osbournes even renewed their vows after 35 years of marriage.

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A source close to the couple told E! News that they held a very private ceremony at Wynn in Las Vegas, where close family members looked on during their vow renewal. "They are obviously used to doing everything in the spotlight but made a conscious decision to keep this quiet," another insider told The Sun. "It was just an intimate family get-together at the hotel with their children and very nearest and dearest there."

Sharon shared a sweet snap of herself and Ozzy together on the day of their vow renewal with the caption, "The best Mother's Day ever!"


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We knew things were getting steadily better between the Osbournes, and they've both spoken out about their rough patch since it happened. Late last year, Sharon started sporting a new wedding band. During a guest co-hosting gig on Good Morning Britain, she said that things were getting much better with her family and marriage. "I'm good, I'm happy! What's not to be happy?" she said. "My husband got me a new wedding band before I left, put it on my finger before I left. Ice, ice, baby! And everybody's healthy and happy, so I'm good."

Ozzy addressed the work he was putting into their relationship prior to that, saying, "Some days are good. Some days are terrible. Some days you just drift apart for a while, but you get back on the horse."

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Good for them for recognizing that even if a marriage hits a rough patch and mistakes are made, it could still be worth working to save.