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Amber Rose, Victim of Home Invasion, Was Asleep During the Incident

It would appear that another celebrity has fallen victim to a frightening invasion, leaving their safety under threat. Amber Rose was the victim of a home invasion by an unidentified man in the wee hours of May 17. While it is unconfirmed, the timing of the robbery at Rose’s home is an incredible coincidence; recently, rapper A$AP Rocky’s home was also broken into, with an estimated $1 million worth of property stolen in the process.

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According to TMZ, the robbery at Rose’s home sounds like it was a terrifying ordeal for the former Dancing with the Stars contestant. A man allegedly broke into Rose’s home while she was still asleep. Apparently, the man broke into the house through a window that led into her pantry. Once he had broken into the home, according to sources who spoke to TMZ, he stayed in the residence for about four hours. Four hours, people!

TMZ further reports that when Rose’s assistant woke up early (Rose, her son, her mother, her assistant and her bodyguards were sleeping in the residence) to make food, she must have been loud enough to alert the unwelcome intruder, because he was gone by the time she would have potentially crossed paths with him.

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According to E! News, Rose looked at the surveillance footage after possibly being awoken by the activity in the house. Upon viewing the break-in and subsequent activities of the male intruder, she called police to her home. At the time of this article, there were no items reported stolen. Additionally — and thankfully — Rose and her loved ones did not come into harm’s way either.

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This home invasion is certainly troubling, but it’s also incredibly interesting in regard to timing. While Rose’s possessions remain intact, the fact the she was targeted after acquaintance A$AP Rocky was recently robbed remains (in my opinion) a point of interest. Rocky’s friend, Kendall Jenner, was also the victim of a home invasion and burglary in March. It was presumed the thief was someone close to Jenner because the robbery happened during a friendly gathering at Jenner’s home.

Are these robberies and home invasions connected? Are we looking at The Bling Ring, part deux? All things considered, what matters most right now is that Rose is OK.

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