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An Ode to Michaela Bradshaw’s Best Moments From Survivor

After what was probably the most chaotic and confusing tribal council in Survivor history, Michaela Bradshaw was eliminated from Survivor: Game Changers last night, leaving only six people to vie for the million dollar prize during next week’s two-hour season finale.

How did she get voted out? Honestly, we aren’t really sure. It seemed like a couple of different people, including Sarah and Tai, had targets on their backs, but after a vote-stealing coup by Cirie failed on a technicality and after an actual vote-stealing move by Sarah, Michaela was left without a flaming torch and everyone else looked mentally discombobulated.

The jury, on the other hand, looked deeply amused.

During her parting words, Michaela said she wasn’t too upset about getting voted out and that she was happy she had made it so far in the game. This does not reflect our reaction to the elimination. We will deeply, deeply miss Michaela’s presence on the island, even if she probably wasn’t the biggest “game changer” out there.

For example, what are we going to do without her glorious shade?

Or her very weird quotes?

Or her tea-sipping antics?

She’s gone from the game, but not forgotten. Let’s take a look back on some of Michaela’s finest moments on the island.

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Tea sipping

Let’s first travel back to Episode 5 when J.T couldn’t complain about Michaela’s coffee and sugar consumption at camp. Michaela got her sweet, sweet revenge when J.T was blindsided at tribal council. But kicking him off the show wasn’t quite good enough for Bradshaw. During his removal, she unpacked a teacup and proceeded to sip some “tea” while he went. It stung a bit, but also led to what might be the best Survivor GIF ever.

More snacks!

Where does Michaela find all of these props on a desert island? We don’t know and we don’t care (although our guess is palm trees). In Episode 10, Michaela clashed with Debbie repeatedly. Debbie complained that Michaela was always eating and that she was annoying. Michaela, meanwhile, helped Sarah organize a blindside of Debbie at tribal council. As Jeff Probst read off the votes, Michaela was there in the background, eating pieces of coconut like it was popcorn. And we loved it.

Puzzle kick

Michaela is all of us when she gets frustrated at puzzle challenges. When she thought that she finished the compass puzzle in the last episode but Probst told her to try again, she responded by kicking it. And we were totally with her for that. What do puzzles have to do with wilderness survival anyway?

Just watching

The best Michaela moments are certainly when she is watching the action go down. So it was wonderful when, in Episode 10, Michaela was chosen to sit out a reward challenge. Does she give a fuck about what happens? No, she wants us to know. No, she does not.

(It’s worth pointing out that in the GIF, you can see the advantage scroll sitting right next to her foot. Perhaps if she had seen the scroll instead of Sarah, she would have never been voted off last night.) 

… and these GIFs don’t even include the ones from past seasons.

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Before you get too sad, though, remember: she’s on the jury. And if she doesn’t give us some great GIF material from the jury box, well then maybe we are all Boo Boo the Fool.

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Did we miss any good GIFs? Help us out, here!

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