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A$AP Rocky Lost $1.5 Million in an Armed Robbery

Three armed robbers broke into A$AP Rocky’s house and made off with $1.5 million in jewelry and other valuables, reports say.

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According to Us Weekly a female family member was the only person in the house when she was confronted by the three men, one of whom had a handgun. The men tried to get her to open a safe, but she told them she didn’t know the combination.

“The suspects tried to take the safe with them, but they weren’t able to take it so they left it on the sidewalk,” LAPD told Us Weekly. “They took approximately $1.5 million worth of jewelry and other items.”

The woman was not injured, police said.

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The really bizarre thing about the robbery is that it’s eerily similar to a rash of robberies that have hit the entire Kardashian family, including A$AP Rocky’s rumored girlfriend, Kendall Jenner. First was Kim Kardashian, who was robbed at gunpoint in a Paris apartment; around $11 million in jewels were stolen that night. And just earlier this year, Jenner’s home was robbed, though reports make no mention of weapons being involved in that incident. According to TMZ, Jenner threw a party on March 15, and an invited guest at her Hollywood Hills mansion got into her bedroom and stole $200,000 worth of jewelry, including Rolex and Cartier watches. Reports say Jenner fired the security guard who was on duty at the time of the robbery.

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It’s possible that all these events are just a strange coincidence, and that’s what we hope is the case. If the robberies are connected in any way, we hope this is the last time any of the Kardashian/Jenner fam and their friends will be targeted.

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