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Angelina Jolie Chooses First Movie Project Since Split From Brad Pitt

Since her divorce bombshell, Angelina Jolie has, understandably, stayed pretty quiet on the career front.

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But she’s back now, and her new project looks like one she’s pouring her passion into. We can’t wait to see it.

Jolie’s new project is an animated film adaptation of the award-winning YA novel The Breadwinner. Jolie is serving as executive producer on the film, which is about a young girl who disguises herself as a boy in order to work to feed her family in Taliban-controlled Kabul. The first trailer just dropped, and it only upped our excitement.

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Fans of the book — and there are many of them — seem to be looking forward to the movie adaptation.

This project also seems like a great outlet for Jolie, who has a passion for refugees. She’s spent much of her life volunteering and lending her voice to the plights of refugees all over the world, and while The Breadwinner isn’t exactly that, the story of a girl pushed to extreme lengths to survive under Taliban rule is right up Jolie’s alley.

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Here’s hoping The Breadwinner lives up to fans’ expectations and helps Jolie move on from such a turbulent time in her life.

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