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American Idol‘s Reboot Is Stirring Up Some Behind-the-Scenes Drama

The American Idol reboot is just so full of drama, and we love it.

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First there was the whole brouhaha when ABC landed the revival instead of Fox, where American Idol aired for all 1 million of its seasons up until last year. There’s been the sheer ridiculousness of the fact that Idol is being rebooted after exactly one year off the air. And now, there’s Taylor Hicks throwing so much shade. This is better than Real Housewives and The Bachelor combined, y’all.

And yes, we’re talking about that Taylor Hicks: the adorably awkward silver haired guy who won Season 5 and promptly disappeared from fame, while the runner-ups from his season went on to be way more successful than him. I mean, Katharine McPhee was on his season. So was Chris Daughtry, who is the source of Hicks’ shade game lately.

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Daughtry was recently named one of the Idol reboot’s judges alongside Katy Perry. Even though Daughtry has been objectively far more successful than Hicks throughout both of their careers, this was apparently the last straw for Hicks. He finally snapped.

“I think a winner should be [a judge], personally,” he said during an interview with the Domenick Nati Show this week. “Because what you go through to win the show is a lot different than what you go through when you’re third or fourth, you know, or fifth. Or 10th. If they were going to have a judge that’s from the show, if they’re going to have someone from the show who was actually a contestant, I would feel like a winner would be the best-suited.”

Who was in fourth place that season? Oh, yeah. Daughtry. Shots fired.

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Something tells us, though, that all this salt isn’t going to bother Daughtry one bit. His career has been on a little bit of a slowdown — he hasn’t released any new music since 2013, and his last radio hit was in 2011. This Idol news is big for him, regardless of what haters like Hicks think.

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