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Aliyah Moulden Is The Voice Season 12’s Biggest Success Story

Natural talent is always abundant on The Voice, but particularly in Season 12, which features the likes of Chris Blue and Lauren Duski. But the contestants who immediately achieve front-runner status are not always the most enjoyable to watch despite their performances being more consistently strong. Sometimes, it’s more rewarding to see continued growth throughout the entirety of a season. When a contestant peaks at the right moment, it’s a wonder to behold.

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Such is the case with Aliyah Moulden, who began the show as a bundle of nerves but has slowly, week by week, come into her own. She is the contestant Blake Shelton has always wanted to have, as he recently admitted when complimenting Moulden’s exceptional performance.

Moulden’s hard work clearly paid off, as she has been voted through to the finale! Talk about an achievement for someone who had her fair share of rocky moments this season.
So what, exactly, is it that fans love so much about Moulden? She’s talented, sure, but that’s true of everybody in the Top 4. Ultimately, it comes down to this: Moulden is an extremely coachable contestant. She takes Shelton’s on-point feedback to heart and works hard to apply it. As a result, she has shown steady growth throughout the course of the season. She’s just 15, but with a work ethic like that, she’s bound to achieve a great deal in the near future.

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People vote for different artists for different reasons, and that’s fine. Many will simply vote for the person they believe has consistently been the strongest all season. Others, however, will reward perseverance and sacrifice, which Moulden brings to the competition in spades. This type of voter is bound to choose Moulden in recognition not only of her natural talent, but also of her willingness to cultivate that talent and make the most of this unique opportunity.
No matter who emerges victorious next week, Moulden should be very, very proud of all that she’s accomplished. She should use the final results as fuel to continue refining her craft and growing as a performer. She is destined for great things!

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