Kelly Ripa’s Upcoming Vacation Fuels Rumors of Feud With Ryan Seacrest

Feud? What feud? Everyone calm down — Kelly Ripa and her brand-new co-host Ryan Seacrest are obviously fine.

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Since Seacrest was announced as Ripa’s permanent No. 2, rumors have been flying that the two are already feuding. Seacrest was also just reported to be in talks with host the ABC revival of American Idol, and if the headlines are to be believed, Ripa isn’t stoked about her brand-new partner overshadowing her with all of his big career announcements lately.

Those rumors have only been further fueled by the announcement that Ripa plans to take some time off from Live. A source told Radar Online, “Come this summer, Kelly is only going to be doing four shows a week on Live — not even pre-taping Friday’s show. Ryan will be getting guest co-hosts and will have to be there on Fridays live instead of doing a pre-tape on Thursdays of Friday shows. He also will be doing a whole week of shows without Kelly.”

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But come on… Those two couldn’t be feuding so close to Seacrest’s hiring because it just doesn’t make sense. After all the time Ripa has put into trying out potential co-hosts, would she really have settled on one she immediately dislikes? Ripa is taking time off from the show because she finally has that option. With the revolving door of guest co-hosts she had before Seacrest became a permanent figure, a vacay was probably out of the question. If I were her, I’d be gunning for a break from work too.

Further lending to the deniability of rumors that Ripa and Seacrest are having a rocky start to their partnership is the statement they released amid the scandal. They both deny a Live feud, and we kind of believe them.

“They’re thrilled to be working together, and it shows,” a rep for the show said on their behalf. “Their chemistry is palpable.”

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That seems a lot more likely than all the drama the rumors claim is happening. We’re going to go with that.


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