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Meet Prince Sverre, Your New Favorite Royal

More royals need to be like Sverre Magnus, the 11-year-old prince of Norway.

First of all, his name is Sverre Magnus, which is just epic in and of itself and begs the question: Why did it take a dab for us to hear of his awesomeness?

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But, of course, now that we have heard of this kid and seen his awesome royal moves, we expect him to receive much more attention in the future.

Prince William and Prince Harry officially have some stiff competition — or, should I say, some more relaxed and with-the-times competition, which is exactly what the world needs in the wake of Meghan Markle shutting down her blog to become all proper and whatnot.

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Sure, we love a good Kate Middleton sleeved dress, but the fact that Prince Sverre’s video became so quickly beloved is just a testament to the world’s love of simple real-life moments. Preteens aren’t meant to be placed on a pedestal and asked to be still for hours on end. Kids have gotta move, and Prince Sverre’s got some sweet ones.

I wonder if his parents told him he had to behave, so he was doing the typical 11-year-old thing and messing it all up, or if he had too much candy before the ceremony. Either way, we want more dabbing in royal ceremonies.

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Prince Harry and Prince William should take note. We wouldn’t even be mad if Queen Elizabeth decided to get in on this peace sign fun.

Do you think it’s high time the royals loosened up a bit?

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