Tarek El Moussa's Reportedly Dating a 'Mystery Blonde,' but We Know Who She Is

May 12, 2017 at 3:35 p.m. ET
Image: Wenn

Nobody ever wants to see divorce happen, but when it has to happen, everyone wants to wish the best for both parties. That’s been a bit hard with HGTV star Tarek El Moussa, the grumpier member of HGTV’s hit renovation show Flip or Flop. His rumored jealousy of ex-wife Christina as she moves on with a smile, new beaus and overwhelming public support have made him a hard guy to root for, but today he’s shown up in Los Angeles with a new lady. Let’s hope this is a sign he’s settling down enough to attract a nice gal and start to get on with his life.

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Radar Online called El Moussa’s pretty blonde a “mystery woman,” which is kind of silly since the photos have her Instagram handle, Amy Bryant. Her IG account is locked but lists her as a realtor for Sutter & Nugent, a fancy schmancy company serving Palm Beach, Florida. (Interested in a little getaway with “commanding ocean views”? It’s just reduced to $64 million for the 35,000 square feet.)

El Moussa is sticking to his type. Like his ex-wife, Bryant is a gorgeous blonde with beachy tresses that make other blondes (me) insanely jealous. That stuff is hard to grow. Bryant came to public notice because El Moussa has been squiring her around LA. On Facebook, she quotes everyone’s favorite hooker, Julia Robert’s Pretty Woman, while visiting the Beverly Wilshire:


But Bryant has been in the public eye before, as a Miami Dolphins cheerleader:


But hold up a hot second. Just last night, Tarek took a virtual jab at Christina. Posing under a sign reading “No guns, weapons of any type” that he found at a Lake Havasu, Arizona, bar, Tarek pointed to the notice, added “or helicopters” and a middle finger emoji, and tagged @christinaelmoussa. He deleted it pretty quickly but couldn’t beat the savvy Internet watchdogs who captured the moment for posterity. There's one for your scrapbook, Tarek.

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The photo is a reference to the night last spring when Christina called the police after Tarek left the house with a gun. Orange County PD showed up with 11 officers and a helicopter. Tarek’s story was that he left the house to go for a hike to “blow off some steam” and put the gun in his backpack for protection against mountain lions. Christina felt Tarek might be suicidal, which he denied, but the drama was enough to cause Christina to run out of the house shaky and in tears. Police did remove five guns from the house, and the couple later called the whole thing an “unfortunate misunderstanding.”

Christina's response to last night's dig? Freaking amazing:


Since their split, Tarek talked to Us Weekly to explain that the divorce was amicable and the couple just grew apart after the stress of his cancer ordeal, infertility and a miscarriage. They’re still taping their show together, so clearly they're able to be professionals.

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We love the show, so here's hoping Tarek being with a new gal marks the beginning of a new, peaceful chapter for all involved.