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Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 13 Finale Promo Is Here, & Warning: It’s a Doozy

Welp, it’s that time again… time to bid adieu to another season of drama on Grey’s Anatomy. It doesn’t look like Shonda Rhimes and her team of writers are pulling any punches, either, because the Season 13 finale promo looks intense.

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If you tuned into this week’s penultimate episode, you know that the issues Dr. Stephanie Edwards (Jerrika Hinton) has been having with Eliza Minnick came to an unexpected and explosive head. Her fate, it would seem, hangs in the balance.

But Stephanie may not be the only character whose life is in immediate danger, judging by the finale’s teaser trailer.

The little girl, Erin, obviously has gotten into a treacherous situation by wandering the halls alone. In winding up locked in a corridor with Stephanie and an aggressive assailant, she is now trapped without anyone to help her in the wake of the explosion.

By the looks of it, though, Bailey’s husband, Ben Warren, may be about to prove to Eliza, Richard Webber and everyone else that he doesn’t play it safe — the promo sure makes it seem like he runs into the burning building to try to save that little girl.

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So here’s the question of the hour: Which character are we about to lose?

It’s been a minute since Rhimes killed off a major character. The last loss we experienced this season was Maggie’s mom and, although we loved her, she was definitely a tertiary character. Losing Ben or Stephanie (or, heaven forbid, both) would be a major blow to morale at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

The bigger shocker at this point would have to be the demise of Ben, seeing as it has already been speculated that Hinton could be leaving the show due to other creative endeavors.

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If Ben died, it would rock everyone to the core… especially the very heart of Grey Sloan, Bailey. Then again, perhaps what will happen here is that Ben will emerge the hero. While we’d love to imagine Rhimes might spare Stephanie too, it seems highly unlikely.

‘Cause we all know Rhimes can deliver a heartbreaking finale death like no other.

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