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OMG, Did Grey’s Anatomy Just Kill Off [SPOILER]?

As seasons of Grey’s Anatomy go, Season 13 has been relatively low-key when it comes to drama… until now. On this week’s penultimate episode, the veteran series took an explosive turn that may have deadly consequences for a Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital doctor.

The episode started off on a sweet note, with Nathan Riggs waking up in Meredith’s bed. Since she hasn’t yet introduced him to her kids, he has to sneak out before they see him. It’s a nice step in the right direction for Mer, but her newfound domestic happiness may be short-lived.

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At Owen’s house, a knock on the door reveals two army officers who tell Owen something about his sister, Megan. We’re not sure what exactly they tell him at first, because we’re seeing things through the lens of his PTSD.

Meanwhile, Alex is in Los Angeles, where he is one step away from stalking Jo’s husband who — get this — is a handsome doctor. Also a dill-hole, but nonetheless.

Back at the hospital, Owen continues to struggle to maintain his grasp on the here and now, snapping at a patient’s family. When Amelia follows him into an empty room and asks him what’s wrong, he tells her that the officers at his door informed him Megan is alive. After nearly a decade presumed dead, she’s alive!

Amelia takes his hand and tells him they’ll figure this out together, which is about as much as they’ve spoken in months.

Because this is a hospital, activity continues to buzz around about them, despite Owen essentially being paralyzed by his fear and guilt over his sister. The big cause of the shift seems to be a couple who came in with catastrophic injuries after apparently popping the parking brake on their car while having sex. Yowza.

Stephanie’s there, but she’s in hot water with Eliza Minnick for skipping out on counseling. As a result, Eliza refuses to let her tackle any surgeries and sticks her with watching over the still-unconscious male half of the sex-in-the-car accident.

When the woman wakes briefly and seems frantic to find out if the guy, Keith, is OK, and since Keith seems to have the same reaction about the girl, Alison, everyone assumes they are in love. The truth, however, is far more sinister.

When Alison wakes up again, she explains that she wanted to kill the man — because he had held her at knifepoint and tried to rape her.

Horror soon turns to panic when Jackson realizes that he left Stephanie alone with the assailant. By the time they figure it out, both Stephanie and Keith are missing. Per his MO, he has taken her hostage by holding a scalpel to her neck.

Meredith has no idea any of this is going down because she has already headed home for her dinner with Nathan and the kids. But when she arrives home to find Amelia consoling Owen on the couch, she comes to find out the truth about Owen’s sister, Megan… who also happened to be engaged to Nathan prior to becoming a prisoner of war.

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Immediately, she feels compelled to find him and tell him. “If it was Derek, I would want to know,” she tells Amelia, and with that, Meredith heads back to the hospital to track Nathan down.

What she can’t see is that Stephanie is now locked in one corridor of the hospital with the frantic assailant, along with a little girl named Erin who had a penchant for wandering. Keith is desperate and trying to start enough of a fire to set off the fire alarm so the emergency locks will open.

And that’s when Stephanie makes her move.

Grabbing a bottle of alcohol, she pours it all over him. As soon as a spark falls from the makeshift lighter, he ignites. Although Stephanie tries to protect Erin by taking her into an adjacent room, she soon realizes that Keith’s flaming body is headed straight for a group of highly flammable oxygen tanks.

The last we see her, she is running toward him to try to move him away when the tanks explode. Stephanie is blown backward, and the windows of the floor she’s on shatter in a fiery explosion. Naturally, Meredith sees the explosion and knows something is terribly wrong.

As for Nathan, he still hasn’t found out the fate of his former fiancée, and who knows when the timing will be right for a bombshell (no pun intended) like that. My money is on him finding out by running into Megan when she gets transferred to Grey Sloan.

But alas, poor Stephanie… is her fate sealed? We can’t say we didn’t see something like this coming. After all, Jerrika Hinton, who plays Stephanie, has a ton of stuff coming down the pipeline.

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The movie Odious, in which Hinton plays a character named Sharlette, is in post-production. Also in post-production are a TV mini-series called Flip the Script (she’s the “Lit Agent”) and Insidious: Chapter 4. And, finally, Hinton is set to star as Ashley Black in the new romantic sitcom Here, Now.

So what do you think? Is this Jerrika Hinton taking her final Grey’s bow?

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