Supernatural’s [SPOILER] Probably Isn’t Dead, & All Thanks to a Rat

Wow. That was one helluva Supernatural episode. There’s no doubt Season 12 is going out with a bang. Between Mary’s now-forced alliance with the British Men of Letters, Castiel off who knows where with Kelly Kline and Baby Lucifer, Lucifer now in full power and Sam and Dean locked inside the bunker without oxygen (and with Toni Bevell), a lot of prayers are needed.

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First off, with help from Toni, Mary has officially been brainwashed to follow in the British Men of Letters’ footsteps. She is no longer in control of her own free will. She has been “realigned” to do exactly what the BMOL tell her to do. Basically, Mary is a Stepford Wife.

Secondly, Mary and Mr. Ketch trapped Sam, Dean and Toni inside the bunker. They have no water or air, meaning they have about two to three days of survival. Based on the trailer for next week’s episodes, it looks like they get out, so at least that is some good news.

Thirdly, Lucifer is back. That’s right, Crowley no longer controls him, but Lucifer controls Crowley — so much so that Lucifer “killed” Crowley with an angel blade. We’re not convinced Crowley is dead, however. When the blade went through Crowley, he didn’t light up like someone usually does when they die by angel blade. Also, Crowley looked straight at a rat before Lucifer stabbed him, and that same rat followed Crowley’s “dead” vessel when it was being dragged by his former servants.

The rat is Crowley, right? Well, every fan is hoping Crowley is now a rodent because that’s so much better than him being dead. There’s just no way he is gone forever. Please, Crowley, be a rat and then get back into your vessel immediately.

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Oh, and speaking of death, with a Hellhound from Crowley, Mr. Ketch killed Eileen. Poor Eileen. This is who the BMOL are. They are going above and beyond to kill all of the American hunters — now with help from Mary, even though she’s not really Mary.

This is just one big mess that Sam and Dean need to clean up, stat. Anyone else super-nervous over the remaining episodes? Supernatural, you’re giving us way too much stress.

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The Supernatural Season 12 two-hour finale airs Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.