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What You Should Know About Ryan Seacrest’s New Live-In GF Shayna Taylor

Until today, I was not aware that Ryan Seacrest had a serious girlfriend, again. As far as I knew, he was playing the field (and expanding his money-making empire) since breaking up with his DWTS girlfriend, newly engaged Julianne Hough. But apparently, he’s not only in a relationship, he’s shacking up with his very official GF Shayna Taylor now too.

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You heard that right. Your chance at getting presents from someone who just signed a new $73 million iHeartRadio contract and/or meeting Kelly Ripa are over. Because Shayna Taylor (OMG — anyone else notice their celebrity couple name is Rayna?!?! Nashville is liiiife) is living together in Seacrest’s new Manhattan home he relocated to from LA since his mug will be on Live with Kelly and Ryan from now through the foreseeable future. The couple, who had previously started dating in 2013 doing serious couple things like vacationing with Seacrest’s family in Uruguay and Argentina over Thanksgiving, had called it quits. But it looks like they’ve clearly reconnected now. So, who is she?

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Taylor is a 26-year-old model, personal chef and trainer. The New Mexican-native-turned-Angeleno-and-now-New Yorker, Taylor is signed with Wilhelmina Models and likes to post inspirational quotes and recipes. That’s basically what my Tinder profile says I’m looking for. But outside being potentially a clone, because I don’t know how it’s possible to host a nationally syndicated morning show and radio show everyday, Seacrest isn’t such a bad catch himself. Queen mother Kelly Ripa recently said of her new co-host, “He is just so professional and kind to everyone — and it’s not just ‘on-camera kind,’” Ripa told People exclusively in this week’s issue. “He doesn’t turn it on a and off. He’s kind backstage, and he’s kind first thing in the morning.”

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To being kind first thing in the morning, and to Rayna.

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