Jesus Christ Superstar Is Getting the Live Musical Treatment

NBC’s live musicals have given us a lot in their so far brief but impactful run. Every year, we brace ourselves to see what is bound to be a meme-able tragedy or triumph. My favorite has been and always will be the first iteration Sound of Music Live! for many reasons. But for the first time ever, I think NBC might test my heart and give me a new favorite live musical moment. That’s because the next live NBC musical will be Jesus Christ Superstar, infamous rock opera.

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Per Variety, NBC’s announcement went a little something like this: “As we continue to expand the profile of our live musicals, we are thrilled to be partnering with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice to bring a new live staging of the iconic Jesus Christ Superstar to NBC. Casting has just begun, but we want to fill out this classic show with as many recording artists as possible to give proper voice to what is the original rock opera score.”

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Well, if you want casting ideas, I’ve got casting ideas. For example, Adele should be Jesus. Lady Gaga should be Judas. Beyoncé should be God. And Katy Perry should be Mary. Done. It’s cast. You’re welcome.

Let’s also hope NBC makes the kind of bold yet super-weird decisions it made with its Sound of Music Live! choice (aka my favorite live musical thus far). One reason is that the casting was hilariously off. No one wants to see Stephen Moyer sing on TV. And as much as I understand that after playing an antebellum vampire with a weird Louisiana accent on True Blood, WWI Austrian aristocrat wasn’t too much of a leap, it was just bizarre.

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On the other hand, a lot of people want to see Carrie Underwood sing on TV, and she is kind of self-righteous milquetoast, so her being a rhyming nun wasn’t quite enough of a leap. But the real reason it’s my favorite is because of this.

Outside of Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, that is the best SNL sketch of all time (in my opinion) and anyone who disagrees can cash me outside.

NBC plans to air Jesus Christ Superstar Live!, which takes place during the last week of Jesus’ life, Easter 2018.


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