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Conrad Hilton Put Into Psychiatric Treatment After Courtroom Outburst

In a worrying turn of events, the youngest member of the Hilton family, Conrad Hilton, has been ordered to seek psychiatric treatment while in the court-ordered custody of his parents, Rick and Kathy Hilton. The order came following a bizarre and troubling outburst from Hilton while he was in court for charges of grand theft auto and violating a restraining order. The Daily Mail reported that Hilton used a homophobic slur toward a courtroom photographer, was seen mouthing the words “fuck you” to his parents and younger brother when they entered the courtroom and disclosed that he “didn’t have sex with hookers” while answering the judge’s question about whether Hilton had the presence of mind to know why he was in court.

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Now, we are learning that when Hilton appeared in court, he was allegedly already posing a risk to himself and others because E! News reported he was wearing a special smock to prevent him from harming himself or others around him. According to E! News, the judge’s ruling following Hilton’s troubling behavior is as follows: Hilton’s court date is postponed until June 29, he has put on $90,000 bail and he must go directly to the Menninger Health Clinic in Houston, Texas while in the custody of his father.

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Various outlets are reporting that Hilton has been showing troubling signs of potential distress recently, both inside and outside the courtroom. According to Entertainment Tonighthe was arrested on charges of grand theft auto mere days ago, with an additional filing made indicating he had violated a restraining order. In the hours preceding Hilton’s arrest, he has been at the home of actress E.G. Daily, his girlfriend who had filed the restraining order. The car Hilton then took, which was connected to his grand theft auto charges, belonged to Daily’s father Rick Salomon.

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This is undoubtedly distressing news, and for the Hilton family, one can only hope that there is a silver lining to be found.

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