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Confirmation that Patti LuPone and Madonna Are Not Friends

Madonna is welcome to hold the title as the Queen of Pop, but don’t ever double-cross theatre genius Patti LuPone when it comes to playing Eva Peron. Both women played the role — LuPone on Broadway and Madonna on film in Evita, but it’s clear who comes out the winner in this round.

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Leave it to Andy Cohen to stir the pot when it comes to LuPone’s thoughts on Madonna’s 1996 performance.

Here we go.

“What did you think of her role in Evita, “ Cohen baited LuPone.

“I thought it was a piece of s**t. Madonna is a movie killer,” shared LuPone. “She’s dead behind the eyes. She couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. She should not be on film or on stage. She’s a wonderful performer for what she does, but she is not an actress.”

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Madonna hasn’t posted any response to LuPone’s dismissal of her performance, but this isn’t unexpected behavior from her. She is not one to hide her displeasure or opinions — LuPone is a little salty and we love her for it.

If you haven’t ever heard her January 10, 2009 meltdown over an audience member taking photos of her while she’s performing on-stage in Gypsy, prepare yourself. It’s an epic diva rant that was well-deserved, you just don’t take photos in the middle of a Broadway show.

“Stop taking pictures, right now!” exclaimed LuPone. “You heard the announcement, who do you think you are?”

The audience applauds her shakedown of the perpetrator and this goes on for almost two minutes. She shames the audience member, who gets kicked out of the theatre, and then continues on with the show.

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If you think it ended there, forget it. LuPone also snatched an audience member’s phone after “she was texting through the entire first act” in while starring in Shows For Days at Lincoln Center in 2015. The theatre interrupter was given her phone back after the show was over because you know LuPone was not having any of that during her performance.

We think it’s OK that LuPone has an attitude about it because she loves the theatre.

“I am on your side, I do it for you,” she summed up to the audience the night after the incident.

Except if you are Madonna.

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