Johnny Depp's Alleged Downward Spiral Was Extremely Lavish

May 10, 2017 at 2:50 p.m. ET
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Johnny Depp is charismatic and enigmatic at the same time. Over the course of his decadeslong career as an A-lister, he’s been the heartthrob, the weirdo, the artist, the kind of rock musician and now the middle-aged former bad boy in a tailspin, apparently. (No, Cry Baby, no!)

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It’s been clear for a while that we need to talk about Kevin Johnny. About three years ago, the thread seemed to start publicly unraveling. When he left his 14-year relationship with his longtime love, French stunner (and delightful actress in her own right) Vanessa Paradis, mother to his two children Jack and Lily-Rose, it was a bit of a shock. (As much as you can be shocked by people who you don’t know, and will never know, getting divorced). Depp had long waxed poetic about Paradis, and they had one of the longest-lasting marriages in Hollywood, so it seemed to signal a tidal shift.

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The rumors that Depp had left Paradis for, and potentially cheated on her with, someone half his age, his The Rum Diary co-star Amber Heard, didn’t help. (He has also since married and divorced Heard in what was a very dramatic legal battle as well, with allegations of serious domestic violence). The change was cemented by Depp’s stint in Australia filming the fifth installment of Disney’s power franchise Pirates of the Caribbean. According to The Hollywood Reporter, while filming, Depp was dogged by horrendous media stalking, but also plagued by what seem to have been true rumors about his inability to show up to set on time, costing the production thousands and leaving hundreds of people waiting around for hours, as well as reports of domestic violence with Heard. And if you missed it, the curious tale of whatever drama did or did not happen with the couple’s toy dogs and the Australian government was beyond bizarre.

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And now, Depp is allegedly finding himself in financial trouble despite being one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. He is now in a vigorous legal battle with his former team, particularly his representation by Joel Mandel, founder of The Management Group. The battle alleges some serious misconduct on both sides: Depp citing negligence, fraud and breach of fiduciary duty; TMG is firing back that Depp’s last few years have been mired by the actor’s own chaotic tendencies and manic spending ($30,000 a month on wine!).

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It’s unclear how the suit and countersuits will shake out. There seems to be evidence of wrongdoing on both sides. But Hollywood is watching the battle closely because it could completely alter the way Tinsel Town does business. If Depp wins, the suit could become a precedent destroying the longstanding practice of entertainment lawyers garnishing a commission of an actor’s salary without a contract. Or vice versa.

Disney is also anxiously waiting out the feud, as Depp’s uncharacteristically controversial public persona could have partly been to blame for his last film with the mega-production, Alice Through The Looking Glass, losing Disney hundreds of millions.

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