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Dwayne Johnson Could Run for President in 2020 & This Could Be His Platform

I’m sure you’re probably burned out from the constant barrage of news concerning President Donald Trump, but let’s take a moment to contemplate the 2020 presidential race. Do you envision any particular candidates? Could you see one Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson running for president? Because he has sure as hell contemplated it, and if the precedent has already been set for celebrities to become presidents, then sign me right on up for this celeb candidate.

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You may laugh, but Johnson as our next president is an incredibly exciting thought. In a recent interview with GQ, Johnson admitted he had contemplated running for office, but made it sound as if it were more of a lark at this stage in the game rather than any kind of concrete declaration of intent. That said, considering how beloved and seemingly kind Johnson is in public, there’s no doubt he could translate those qualities along with his work ethic and love for humanity into the White House. Hell, something tells me we’ll need a little more love at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by the time 2020 rolls around; why not let Johnson be the one to spread it?

The Rock You're Welcome
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Johnson also told GQ he doesn’t even know what his presidential platform would be, but I think it would be fun to envision his campaign platform for him. Keeping in mind that Johnson has never openly declared which party he aligns himself with and noting the fact that he’s spoken for Republican and Democrat audiences alike, let’s look into our crystal balls and see what we can cook up.

Johnson might be for: Inclusion everywhere

The Rock All Love
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Johnson knows that it takes all kinds to get the job done and there is absolutely zero time to waste on things like racist hiring policies, laws which discriminate or any other governmental infringements on an American’s health and happiness based on the color of their skin.

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Johnson might be for: Equality in the workplace

The Rock Smirk
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I have a feeling that President Johnson would seek out ways to secure equal pay and gender equality in the workplace. Work is Johnson’s lifeblood; he loves the hustle. Why would he want anyone else’s personal- or work-related hustle to be hindered by measures or regulations that discriminate against someone based on their gender or sexuality? Phooey.

Johnson might be against: Islamophobia

The Rock SRSLY
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I cannot envision the man whose father is an immigrant and who regularly works with actors of color (and people of color in general) feeling that Islamophobia and the resultant policies are good for our nation.

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Johnson might be for: Supporting our military

The Rock But Yes
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A deep and abiding love of America would be foundational to Johnson’s move to support our military. I have no problem believing that Johnson would want to take conservative measures to scale back our military presence in favor of peace and military preservation.

Johnson might be for: Prison reform

The Rock Cool
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Johnson’s recent documentary Rock and a Hard Place may sound cliché, but it documents the six-month intensive boot camp-style rehabilitation program inside a men’s correctional facility. Johnson oversaw filming and even appeared to give the men a serious talking-to at the beginning on the film. This kind of commander-in-chief exhibition not only served as proof Johnson could get serious in a position of leadership, but his documentary indicated he was interested in prison reform, which is something we desperately need.

Johnson might be for: Protecting the rights of women

Dwayne Johnson Do This
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Johnson has previously spoken about his emotional and deep connection with his amazing mother, is the father of two girls and makes a concerted effort to consistently express his love and appreciation for his partner, Lauren Hashian. He understands how wonderful and important women are in this world because his life has been greatly influenced by them. As such, there’s no doubt in my mind that Johnson would make it a part of his presidential platform to secure every benefit possible for women, beginning with guaranteed health care and maternity care provisions.

Can you imagine a Dwayne Johnson presidential bid?

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