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Anderson Cooper Shows Us How He Really Feels About Kellyanne Conway

Sometimes, all you need is a good eye roll to turn your day around. If anyone has earned a long, continuous, deeply felt eye roll from the American people, it’s Kellyanne Conway. The woman, the myth. She of the Bowling Green Massacre. She of the alternative facts. She, the most shameless spinner of Trumpian bullshit. You know who’s not here for it? Anderson Cooper.

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Lucille Bluth
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We should have seen it coming a mile away on Tuesday night when Cooper gave Conway the most epic eye roll of all time. He has consistently held Conway’s feet to the fire, through the whole presidential campaign to the first months of President Trump’s time in the White House; why would he stop now?

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So when Conway last night went on AC360 to meet her daily kazoo-blowing quota on the heels of the very unexpected firing of FBI Director James Comey by President Trump, Cooper wasn’t fucking around. The two sparred in a lengthy back and forth on whether or not it’s suspicious that even though Trump enthusiastically supported Comey’s handling of email-gate from the campaign trail for months, he fired him after Comey announced the investigation into the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. It’s suspicious. Like, Nixon-era suspicious. But alas, that’s for another time.

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Conway said many things that made no sense and feel kind of like when someone is talking to you after going through a grave trauma, like, “You’re looking at the wrong set of facts,” and Cooper finally did what we’ve all been doing from our couches for what feels like years now. Enjoy the most beautiful thing since Hillary and Bill Clinton with those balloons at the DNC.

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