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Martha Stewart Is the Ultimate Shade Queen

My favorite thing that happened in 2016 was honestly when Martha Stewart dragged Kardashian hanger-on Jonathan Cheban on Twitter.

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I mean, seriously, that’s amazing. It’s like the best mom text of all time, but to all of us. The boldness of using a media site to personally source facts for her and put such a bold photo on blast, and to say, “He says he is well known,” which is the most perfect casual shade ever — it’s just too good.

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So if that’s how she handles strangers she’s suspicious of, you can only guess how she deals with known demon spawn like Donald Trump.

How. Incredible. Is. That!? She did post a more demure photo to her own page, where she’s throwing peace signs up at both Trump and Snoop Dogg, her co-host of the most incredible show of all time, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. But it’s clear other attendees at Frieze New York, an art fair on Randalls Island in New York City, got the better portrait. Call me controversial, but I see nothing wrong with it. I applaud it. And if anyone has the right to do it, it’s her.

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Snoop and Martha's Potluck Dinner Party
Image: Giphy

Stewart doesn’t just have political issues with him, like we all do now, she personally feuded with the man-baby-turned-pussy-grabber (I can’t say the other P-word — it makes me too sad), in 2006 when she hosted her own spinoff of Apprentice. Apparently, she was never told that Trump would still be hosting his flagship version, creating an obvious ratings competition. Stewart said at the time, “Having two Apprentices was as unfair to him as it was unfair to me… But Donald really wanted to stay on.” Trump, on the other hand, passed blame per usual. “I wish she would be able to take responsibility for her failure.”

So cheers to the ultimate shade queen. May she continue to spill the tea as good as she makes it.

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