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Ryan Seacrest Is at War With Megyn Kelly on Morning TV Now

Ryan Seacrest isn’t really someone who needs to benefit from the demise of others. He pretty much has the market cornered on being the host with the most. He just signed on to co-host Live alongside Kelly Ripa — a coveted morning slot — and inked a $73 million dollar contract with iHeartRadio. But apparently, Megyn Kelly’s move from Fox News for Today, complete with new contract, got under Seacrest’s skin.

To be honest, it got under mine too. I don’t get why a notoriously left-leaning network like NBC would hire a Fox crony no matter how bipartisan she projects herself to be. In the past, Kelly has denounced feminism, and even though I know her star rising is good for women, I think that’s a happy by-product Kelly could care less about. And now you know where I stand.

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Seacrest must feel the same way I do, because according to a source from Radar, he is out for Kelly’s blood. That blood is in the form of Seacrest stealing from Kelly all of the A-list guest spots for his own morning show. His plan is slightly genius. In order to lure top talent to Live, he’ll use the power of his nationally syndicated radio broadcast with iHeartRadio, offering his and Ripa’s guests a slot on the radio after taping. They get double press, he gets the better guest, everyone on that team wins while Kelly loses.

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The source said Seacrest is already hard at work on his sinister plan: “Ryan has been hitting the phones to his friends to get them on LIVE! rather than TODAY with Megyn.” They went on to add, “‘ABC are going to war with NBC over guest bookings,” the insider claimed. “One of the main reasons he got the job was because his connections can destroy Megyn. Really, Ryan getting the job had more to do with Megyn Kelly than Kelly Ripa!”

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That is quite the statement. I’m usually not here for a man trying to destroy a woman, but I’m pretty sure Megyn Kelly is a robot from one of Saturn’s rings anyway, so I’ll bite this one time.

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