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Aliyah Moulden Gave The Voice‘s Most Emotional Performance of Season 12

Tearjerkers tend to be a dime a dozen on The Voice, but some performances truly stand out among the myriad of emotional ordeals. Such was the case with Aliyah Moulden’s latest showing, which was inspired by heartbreaking yet oddly touching circumstances.

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Moulden was raised by her mother and grandmother after losing her father when she was just a month old. Through the years, she’s shared her true feelings through music thanks in part to her mother’s decision to enroll her in vocal lessons.
Today, Moulden enjoys an exceptional support system. That being said, she acknowledges that some things just aren’t the same without her dad in her life. She touched on this issue in tonight’s rendition of “Jealous,” which detailed the difficulty of never having had a relationship with her father — something her siblings were able to enjoy, if only for a brief period of time.

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After her performance, Moulden broke into tears. It was a truly emotional outpouring on a show chock-full of heartrending moments.
Moulden’s beautiful performance was applauded by fans and judges alike. She received excellent feedback from the judging panel, with Blake Shelton acknowledging that the song showed “a lot of different sides… an emotional side, but it also shows what she is capable of as a vocalist.” Slowing down was all Moulden’s idea, but we think she made the right call. It was time to show the world a new side.

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Shelton was by no means the only judge to rave over Moulden’s mix of artistry and strategy. Gwen Stefani was impressed by her ability to pull out all the stops at this point in the competition; she explained, “You have this whole vibe going and suddenly you pull this song out that we weren’t expecting.” Stefani was totally cool with the tears, because “[y]ou’re living in that moment, you know. It happens sometimes.”

In case you forgot, Moulden is just 15 years old. You’d never believe it based on today’s mature yet vulnerable performance. It’s inspiring to see Moulden opening up and drawing on her unique experience.

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