Joy-Anna Duggar & Fiancé Go to Woods to Celebrate Quick Engagement

May 8, 2017 at 7:29 p.m. ET
Image: TLC

Couples who have joint bachelor and bachelorette parties are the same kinds of couples who have joint Facebook accounts, and their answering machine is their dog barking. The same kinds of couples who have gender-reveal parties and change out their decor based on the nearest holiday, from Valentine’s Day on. In other words, they’re Joy-Anna Duggar (19) and her fiancé Austin Forsyth (23).

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Not only did they throw a joint bachelor/bachelorette bash, they also did it in the woods, camping. So they also will be that couple, I’m guessing, who have mounted plastic fish on their walls that sing and something called a mudroom.

The couple was only courting for three months before their passionate engagement. So they might also be the couple that gets divorced in two weeks. (I said it. Judge me. Drag me. You can send the hate mail to Disney World. I live in the back left turret of the castle. But seriously, you were all thinking it.) In their defense, the couple has been friends for 15 years, but shifting gears from friendship, no matter how long, into marriage is a big leap. Of the engagement, Forsyth revealed the following poetry, “I feel like the engagement is more special because we are committed to each other now.” And I have no idea what in the world that is supposed to mean.

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Maybe the answer lies somewhere out in those woods, where there still lies one empty glass bottle of Snapple, the grill cover, one cocktail napkin that says, “Future Wifey,” and the hurriedly put out butt of a menthol cigarette smoked by Forsyth’s aunt who is right with the Lord but just gets a little anxious from time to time.

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Of the raucous time, Duggar excitedly said, “This is my first time actually camping outdoors, I guess, but it’s been a blast.” And in a few months she’ll also be able to make that same statement about marriage. Cheers, you two.

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