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Céline Dion Is Giving the Performance We’ve Been Waiting for Since 1997

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that everyone cried when they watched Titanic. If you’d like to deny that, it’s fine, but I will tell people that you’re lying like a dog when you walk out of the room. You cried during Titanic for many reasons. It was a really sad, terrible way to go for a lot of unfortunate people. And the crush of how the tragedy played out was a stifling blow to the grand, optimistic voyage the ship set out to take.

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Especially in the movie, though, you cried because Leonardo DiCaprio was so damn pretty. And that pretty man died, sacrificing himself for the woman he loved, a love that was so brutally portrayed as the realest thing you and I will never have.

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But you also cried because the song “My Heart Will Go On” played as the credits rolled, and you have feelings that can feel things.

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Well, grab a candle and maybe a daisy choker and some Lip Smackers and get on the train straight back to 1997. Céline Dion — Canadian singer, icon, incredibly expressive arm mover — will be performing the song that took her from big to superstar — and earned her three Grammys, an Oscar and a Golden Globe — on the upcoming Billboard Music Awards. The film and song will be turning 20 in December (yes, you’re getting old, guys). Dion said in a statement, “This song means a lot to me, and has played a huge role in my career.” 

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Will you be tuning in for what is sure to be an iconic performance? Tell us in the comments.

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