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The Bachelor‘s Nick Viall & Vanessa Grimaldi Continue to Defy the Odds

Update: Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi actually seem really happy with life together after The Bachelor.

The two, who announced their engagement on the Season 21 finale of the show this past March, are still together, living life in Los Angeles. They seem to be falling into a rhythm together.

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I’m not gonna lie, I was definitely one of the skeptics about these two during the After the Final Rose episode. They didn’t seem very happy together. Now, however, it seems that maybe they were just having an off night.

Not only has Grimaldi moved to Los Angeles to start a life with Viall, but she also told E! News on Saturday that she is taking Viall back to Canada with her in a few weeks to spend some time with her family.

“I FaceTime my family every day and my nephew every morning, but I’m going back to Montreal to visit family and friends in a couple of weeks,” Grimaldi said about staying close to her family from afar. “Nick is going to be coming with me too, so I’m very excited about that.”

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Apparently, their families are thrilled with the relationship as well.

“I was and my family was very supportive of the idea of moving. I’m still bringing and carrying on my work from home with me. I’m still planning on teaching. I’m still planning on being part of that life that I had in Montreal,” Grimaldi explained. “It was a decision we both made together, and we’re both very happy about that decision. Both of our families are very happy that we’re together and we’re starting our life together.”

Grimaldi came off as a bit high-maintenance during the show but, again, I think maybe we, as the audience, were led a bit astray in our opinion of her. Especially when you consider her idea of a perfect date with Viall.

“Staying home in your pajamas and not having to put curlers in your hair and makeup and having to dress up and put on a push-up bra. Nick cooking shirtless isn’t a bad date. I discovered his cooking skills like the morning after we got engaged. He was making his delicious French toast. Just staying home and lounging is nice.”

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Yup, sign us up for some of that.

Has your opinion of Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi’s relationship changed since The Bachelor?

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