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The Best Cliffhangers in Big Bang Theory History

On Thursday, The Big Bang Theory will air its Season 10 finale, which means fans may or may not be in for a cliffhanger. Of course, that also means they’ll have to wait until fall to see what’s to come in Season 11.

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Who knows if the last episode of Season 10, titled “The Long-Distance Dissonance,” will be a shocking one, but it sure sounds like it could be a doozy. The episode description says, “The gang is concerned when Sheldon’s former admirer, Dr. Ramona Nowitzki (Riki Lindhome), resurfaces while Amy is away at Princeton.”

For those who can’t recall, Ramona made her first appearance in Season 2, Episode 6, “The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem.” She became quite obsessed with Sheldon, but who knows if that’s what will happen this time around. We highly doubt anything will transpire between Sheldon and Ramona, especially since he’s highly devoted to Amy. We can’t help but wonder if Ramona’s return will push Sheldon to finally give Amy that engagement ring he’s been holding onto for quite a while now.

Whatever happens, there’s a chance the Season 10 finale will be just as surprising as the show’s previous season finales. If you need a refresher, here’s what went down in each of them.

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Season 1: Penny & Leonard have their first date

After Penny had a bad breakup, Leonard took a risk and asked her out on a date. She agreed, though they both certainly had concerns about it. In the end, they had their first date and it started off pretty great — with a kiss.

Season 2: Leonard goes to the North Pole

Remember when Leonard and the guys went to the North Pole to help Sheldon with research? Leonard’s departure brought up all kinds of feelings for Penny, who not only told Leonard that she’d miss him but also gave him an extremely long hug. Leonard questioned Penny over whether or not it meant anything, but she denied it. Behind closed doors, Penny said out loud to herself that she really didn’t want Leonard to leave.

Season 3: Sheldon finally meets Amy

Thanks to Howard and Raj setting up an online dating profile for Sheldon, Amy Farrah Fowler walked into not only his life but also fans’ lives. Their first meeting went extremely well, and there was an immediate connection. Even Howard recognized how perfect a match they were by saying, “Good God, what have we done?”

Season 4: Penny & Raj sleep together?
In what was one of the more shocking moments, at the end of Season 4, it looked like Penny and Raj had sex. After moving into Leonard’s room for a while, Raj and Penny were bonding over dinner and a lot of alcohol. Penny woke up naked next to Raj in bed and rightfully panicked. What made the situation even worse was when Penny and Raj walked out into the living room, where Howard, Sheldon and Leonard were sitting. Penny awkwardly declared to everyone, “It’s not what it looks like.” And it definitely wasn’t, because as it was revealed in Season 5, they did not have sex.

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Season 5: Howard & Bernadette say “I do”

Howard finally had his astronaut dreams come true and flew off into space in the Season 5 finale. But one of the more memorable moments from the episode was Bernadette and Howard’s wedding. They decided they wanted to get married before he went to space, so with help from their friends, they managed to pull off an impromptu wedding that was perfect for the two.

Season 6: Raj talks to Penny — sober

For six seasons, Raj couldn’t talk to women unless he was drinking. Well, that all came to an end in Season 6. After Lucy broke up with Raj, he was beyond distraught, so Penny went over to check in on him. Without realizing it, Raj opened up to Penny and discovered that he had done it sober. This was a huge, life-changing moment for Raj.

Season 7: Sheldon leaves

In a moment no one saw coming, Sheldon came to the realization that he needed time to himself with so many changes happening in his life. So what did he do? He went to the train station and decided to leave Pasadena for a while. Leonard didn’t think it was a good idea, but Penny convinced him otherwise and thought it might be good for Sheldon. So, they left him at the train station. By the way, in the Season 8 opener, viewers learned that Sheldon didn’t make it very far. He got robbed in Arizona and had to be picked up by Amy and Leonard.

Season 8: Sheldon’s engagement ring

While Penny and Leonard were eloping in Las Vegas, Sheldon and Amy were breaking up. Amy came to the conclusion that their relationship was too much mentally and emotionally. So, she told Sheldon she needed some space. As shocking as that moment was, what was even more surprising was Sheldon pulling out an engagement ring he had been waiting to give Amy.

Season 9: Sheldon’s mom & Leonard’s dad
Penny and Leonard’s dysfunctional families got together for their wedding in the Season 9 finale. Even though they already got married in Vegas, Penny and Leonard threw a ceremony for their family and friends, since everyone missed out the first time. Their families’ intermingling was filled with tension, except for Sheldon’s mom, Mary, and Leonard’s dad, Alfred. They hit it off greatly and even left the rehearsal dinner together.

Who knows if Season 10 will be anything like these finales, but we have a feeling at least one major moment will occur. Anyone else hoping it’s a Sheldon and Amy engagement? Let’s keep those fingers crossed.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 10 finale airs Thursday at 8/7c on CBS.

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