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Ariel Winter Claps Back at Rude Comments on Her Modern Family Attire

Internet, we need to have a frank discussion about something. There’s some real shit happening in the world. Real talk: Americans might possibly lose their health care. We need to get a damn grip. Why, dear internet, have you chosen to get all rage-face about something as completely inconsequential as what Ariel Winter wore to a Modern Family screening?

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Sure, she’s overdressed at best. Let’s just get that right out of the way. She was a little extra in her fully glam gown next to her co-stars, who were mostly rocking business casual. But seriously, internet, all the backlash she’s gotten just for being overdressed at an event? Really? Is that the hill you’re actually choosing to die on?

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Never mind the fact that Sofia Vergara also wore a nice dress and she’s not getting any shit for it. Listen, dressing up is fun AF. Winter’s minidress with plunging neckline and thigh cutouts was super fab, and if I had access to a dress like that, I’d wear it to get my morning latte. Let her wear what she wants to her own event, you guys.

Oh, also, Winter herself posted this big ol’ “fuck you” to all you haters on Instagram.
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It’s really no wonder she’s so over it, because this happens all the damn time, like when she got slut-shamed for her Easter dress or when she got slut-shamed for wearing shorts. Can we just agree to stop giving any shits at all about what Winter wears? Can the girl live?

Internet, you’re grounded from commenting on anyone’s clothes. Go get pissed about something that matters. OK? Thanks.

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